Gmail and other Google services get new unified login page


Google is rolling out a new login-screen for all its services with the prompts to enter sign-in credentials, located right at the centre of the page, unlike the previous pane that appeared on the right side. Google highlights the 'One account. All of Google' message, placing it right at the top of the page and displays icons of all its different services including Search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Maps, Play Store and Google+ at the bottom. The login prompt box is much bigger and stands out. It also displays the account photo and just asks for your password, in case you're logging-in after a long time. It appears that the new login-screen is being gradually rolled out to users as noted by Mashable. Responding to the publication's request for a comment on the development, Google said: "In response to feedback from our users, we've simplified the sign-in process, and the screen has slowly been rolling out over the past few months." Perhaps Google wants more users to know that a number of services they use are offered by the Mountain View-based Internet giant, and that they just need one Google account to access them all. The move comes shortly after Google decided to ditch the navigation bar it used to place on its websites and introduced a new menu which looks like the Chrome app launcher placed upside down. The new launcher is visually appealing and features different Google services as apps rather than offering them as hyperlinks placed on the top of the page in an omnipresent black navigation bar. It's also a much more minimalistic way of putting a link to all Google services while the user is accessing one of them