Silicon valley's new offering: Helmet that gives directions, weather reports


WASHINGTON: An innovative motorcycle helmet that gives its rider directions, map locations and weather forecasts has been developed. The helmet, developed by a Silicon valley-based start-up, features a tiny heads-up display, positioned so that the image appears in front of your right cheek, where you would need to look to keep your eyes on the road. An integrated rearview camera with a 180 degree viewing angle gives the view behind the rider. The Android-powered, Bluetooth-linked motorcycle headgear can show driving directions, the weather and other basic interface elements, 'Discovery News' reported. It is also able to pair with smartphones so you can use voice controls to make calls, listen to music, send texts and change your destination all hands-free. The company, Skull helmets, hopes to ship the headgear in the first quarter of next year. The helmet has also bagged one of five 'DEMO God' awards handed out at the International Data Group (IDG)'s DEMO Fall 2013 conference in US.