Microsoft India launched safety application, Guardian


Microsoft India introduced Guardian, a new safety application that enables friends and family of Windows phone users to track them in real time on 26 December 2013 in Hyderabad.
Guardian enables users to switch on a track me feature in the application, which lets friends and family to track them. It is available exclusively for Windows phone users in India.
Guardian users can call for help through an SOS alert button and also connect to security agencies, police and hospitals easily in times of distress. SOS is an international code signal of extreme distress.
For the effective use of Guardian, users need to add the names of friends, family members and security groups to the settings and then the application can be used to alert them in emergency situation via the SOS button.
The users has to tap the SOS button then phone sends a distress SMS to friends and family mobiles and notify the location details. At the same time the SOS button also sends emails and posts to private Face book groups to registered members.