Apple Relaunched iPhone 4 In India For Rs. 22,900


Apple has relaunched its 2010 flagship smartphone, the iPhone 4, specifically the 8GB white variant, in Indian market for Rs. 22,900. Apple had discontinued the iPhone 4 by the end of last year after introducing two new devices to the market – iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. India has proven to be a demanding market for mid-range smartphones, with Samsung’s Android running phones taking the lion’s share. iPhone 4 was a big player in the price sensitive Indian market when it bowed out, with both Apple and iPhone brands being highly appreciated. But the high entry cost into the Apple world in the current climate has prompted the customers to opt for smartphones from other manufacturers, chief among which is Samsung. It was expected that the Cupertino based company would price the device at around Rs. 15,000, compared to its old retail price of Rs. 26,500. But the current pricing for a three and a half year old smartphone does not seem a very sound strategy, considering you can get very decent devices from global manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and HTC for about that figure. iPhone 4 does run the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS7.