Twitter Introduces New analytics To Improve Tweet Performance


Twitter is rolling out a new scheme that should provide brands and other paying users with another vantage point into how their Tweets and attached content performs on the social network. The San Francisco based company is adding analytics to Twitter Cards, a product aimed at digital publishers and developers for attaching media to Tweets via web and on mobile devices. The new dashboard will accumulate data analytics about Tweets with pictures, videos, content previews, and links. It will then track and post analytics about how all of these Tweets perform in one centralized place with personalized tips intended to further boost engagement. Buster Benson, an analytics product manager at Twitter, explained further in a blog post on yesterday that companies will be able to see how Twitter users engage with all of a brand's Tweets as well as pinpoint spikes in follower activity to nail down a correlation with Tweet activity. Small changes using a different Twitter Card, conversing more with the followers who love your content, or installing or changing the location of a Tweet button can make a big difference. The new dashboard will be rolling out to all Twitter Cards subscribers over the next few days.