Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband Lets You Control Your Dreams


A lot of device makers have been pushing smart wearables, but most of them are a tad boring, offering pretty much the same features. But here’s a product that manage to capture our imagination, as we haven't seen one of its kind anywhere else. The Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband aims to make lucid dreaming a standard for every sleep loving human out there. Lucid dreaming happens when you become conscious in-sleep and know you’re dreaming, hence you become able to control the dream. The Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband will measure your brain waves and eye movements to understand when you’re falling asleep. After determining you have passed the threshold into wonderland, the headband will start emitting a series of lights to make the dream conscious of user state. The headband can be coupled with a smartphone, which will allow you to set up dream signs or the Smart Alarm Clock which will wake you up at the right time so you feel the most refreshed. Apparently us humans can wake up naturally during light phases of sleep and the Aurora dedicated app companion will make sure to set off the alarm at the right time, so you don’t wake up being all grumpy. The team behind Aurora believes that since we spend almost one third of our life sleeping, we should be able to make the most of it and they might be right. The Aurora project is currently on Kickstarter gathering funds and supporters can pre-order their key to unlocking the dream world for $175. While everything the Aurora project is setting up to do sounds quite interesting, there are certain risks that should be taken into account here. What if lucid dreaming becomes a preferred substitute to reality and the dreamer refuses to come back?