Apple's Tim Cook Denies PRISM Reports Again


In a brand new interview, Apple’s Tim Cook stated once more that the government doesn’t have access to the company’s servers. Tim Cook discussed some big concerns regarding the access the NSA has to the company’s data centers, following reports on the Snowden files, particularly the PRISM program. “The government doesn’t have access to our servers. They would have to cart us out in a box for that,” Cook told. Asked what his biggest concern is with the surveillance program in the United States, Cook says he’s been trying hard to increase transparency. “Much of what’s been said isn’t true; there is no back door,” he stated. Furthermore, Cook says that the government will never get access to its servers. However, the concerns remain despite statements coming from tech company leaders such as Tim Cook, mostly because it’s been reported several times already that the NSA doesn’t really need to ask companies for approval before gathering data; they just collect it all as it passes through the Internet central hubs or breaks into the links connecting data centers belonging to tech companies, as it happened to Google and Yahoo.