See Rare Apple Gadgets from the '80s


Developer Ian Page is celebrating the Mac’s 30th anniversary with a thoughtful software update for his popular MacTracker utility which acts as a Wikipedia app for all things Apple. MacTracker 3.7 is probably the most significant update Ian Page has announced in a very long time. Despite being updated on a regular basis with invaluable information on Apple’s hardware and software, apparently there was room for more. In this release Apple fanatics will be able to access information and photos on rare computers such as the legendary Apple I, Apple II, and Apple II Plus, as well as their successors, the Apple III / Apple III Plus, Apple IIe / Apple IIe Enhanced, Apple IIc, Apple IIGS, Apple IIe Platinum, and Apple IIc Plus. But Apple didn’t just make computers back in the day. Far from it, actually. Thanks to MacTracker 3.7, newbies will be able to learn, about products like Apple Monitor III, Apple Monitor II, Apple Monitor IIc, Apple IIc Flat Panel Display, AppleColor Monitor 100, and many others. Other hardware references include Apple Mouse, Apple Mouse IIc, Apple Mouse II, and Apple Mouse IIe.