In 2013 India Added over 1GW of Grid-Connected Solar


India wishes to install as much as 10GW of solar by the year 2017 and, judging by what it has accomplished until now, it has high chances to achieve this goal. Thus, recent figures shared with the public by the country's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy say that, in 2013 alone, India added over 1GW of grid-connected solar power. More precisely, a total capacity of 1.004 gigawatts had been installed and linked to the country's grid by December 31, 2013. The Ministry goes on to detail that, presently, India's overall grid-connected solar capacity amounts to 2.18 gigawatts. “Developing countries have been slow in embracing solar energy since the focus primarily has been on ensuring energy security,” said Amol Kotwal, associate director of energy and power systems practice at Frost & Sullivan in Bangalore. “India, though a late starter in solar, has shown a tremendous growth in the last three years,” he further commented on India's achievement.