Microsoft to Launch Skype Promo with Victoria Beckham


Microsoft has recently announced a new Skype campaign that would be launched together with Victoria Beckham, giving users the option not only to have an in-depth look into the fashion history, but also with chat directly with Victoria. “Now it’s almost time to be showcasing the journey of successful entrepreneur and creative professional Victoria Beckham and her global luxury fashion brand,” Microsoft announced. Redmond will thus allow users to talk with Victoria Beckham directly by “asking questions relating to her business success and entrepreneurialism via the Skype Twitter account @Skype #AskVB for a live Q&A session on January 29th at 3PM or send video messages on Skype to Victoria and her team. Microsoft points out that this is an excellent occasion for fashion enthusiasts to get in touch with someone really experienced, so the company also rolled out a trailer to provide quick glimpse of what’s to come.