India to Soon Surpass USA in Smartphone Sales


India is one of the largest smartphone markets and the penetration is only increasing. Just recently we read the news where smartphone sales outdid feature phone sales for the first time in India. While the good ol' keypad and tiny screen are still in use in rural segments, the smartphone is the preferred option in most areas. According to a recent report by IDC, India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets and is all set to race USA, the current number 2 maker in less than 5 years. 2017 is the year when, experts estimate, smartphone sales cross the mark and India will take the number 2 position. China is presently leading and will continue to lead, the report states. The overall mobile phone market had a 21% growth YoY and a modest 4% growth quarter over quarter (QoQ) with the share of feature phones sliding further to make 85% of the total market in 2Q13, states the report. While it is only logical for the most populated country to top smartphone sales charts, India, the second largest most populated nation lags behind due to multiple reasons. Smartphones come with not just basic functions of a phone but additional apps and features just add to the comfort. A smartphone is more of a comfort and convenience device than a basic phone. However, most features of the smartphone rely on WiFi, 3G or plain EDGE connectivity. Internet penetration in India might be on the rise but it is yet to reach all segments. There is definitely an increase in consumption and with more and more smartphone makers entering the fray the numbers are only set rise.