Yahoo's redesigned email shares has 'striking similarities' to Gmail


Yahoo unveiled its redesigned email service on Tuesday that resembles a lot to Google’s popular Gmail service in appearance and features. Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer had helped design some of Gmail’s features when she worked for the tech giant as a top executive and it is likely to be the inspiration behind Yahoo’s redesigned email service. According to Fox News, Yahoo’s redesigned email includes a Gmail-like tool that threads together emails related to specific topics so they appear as a succession of messages like Gmail’s ‘conversation view’ that was popularized by Google in 2004. However, users can turn off Yahoo’s new conversational tool if they want. Another Gmail-like feature in Yahoo’s new email service allows users use images from the company’s Flickr service and set them up as email backgrounds which will also appear automatically on the mobile email app. When it comes to digital space on the email service, Yahoo has gone a step ahead and is offering a full 1 TB or 1,000 GB or storage while Gmail offers a maximum of 15 GB per account including content from Google Drive and Photo Plus services. With a change in the official logo, a dozen of acquisitions and revamping the entire company’s outlook, Mayer has said that the number of monthly visitors to the company’s services has increased by 20 percent to 800 million people since her arrival and it has 289 monthly users, only second to Gmail’s 304 million.