Uniware Solutions – Converging knowledge

Uniware solutions is a digital marketing management firm based in Calicut, Kerala, India. Being premier player in the industry, established in 2005, the firm has recently rebranded itself into Uniware Solutions.

We converge knowledge and expertise in business and IT solutions to a single accountable point – a profitable enterprise

As a company, we believe in convergence – convergence in marketing, development, strategy and delivery. Primarily, being a digital marketing company, we develop our vision around unifying a single message for our clients through sustained marketing efforts from various platforms, be it computers, mobiles, Television and other media - A core, relevant message through diverse media

We aim to achieve results, whether it's a desired market share, customer acquisition, sales or branding, through identifying the core of the business and project it through every outgoing message or communication, be it a commercial, a point of sale or customer assistance.

Uniware also offers a number of services in software development, branding, consulting and offline advertising other than digital marketing management which include branding, web design and development, internet marketing, video production and mobile application development.

Our other services include a Portal for member merchants in Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana samithi and paid advertising options on a number of other partner web properties.

For more information and details on our services, please contact us