Eric Schmidt Hopes Encryption Will Be the End of Government Censorship


Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, truly believes that encryption will be the solution to censorship everywhere, including China. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Schmidt said that Google was working to strengthen its encryption in such a manner that the world’s government wouldn't be able to penetrate it and obtain private data. The company’s efforts, Schmidt believes, will eventually create problems for governments such as China’s, where Internet users are placed behind what’s been dubbed “The Great Firewall”. Encrypting everything has the potential of putting an end to government censorship in the next decade. As far as China is concerned, however, Schmidt believes that there’s going to be a relaxation of censorship in time, as the number of people using social media grows. This, of course, is a reaction to the revelations of the past several months regarding the NSA’s wide surveillance capabilities. Schmidt has suggested that the debate over the NSA surveillance has done the world a lot of good. However, just because the United States can do all this monitoring, it doesn't mean that it should actually do it, he wished to stress.