A website, probably the only way to reach today's techno savvy customers, is a 24/7 access to your potential customers without even you knowing it.

Though it's a task to design and develop a website, it opens up a great way of interaction, a complete reference to your business, products and services and a sometimes a great proof of your existence.

A website, properly designed, developed and maintained, is the second most important thing after your product, service or whatever other intentions may be. Being a starting point to all your digital marketing activities, one does not have to think twice about having a website.

One of the major errors we have identified with many of the today's website developers is that they have fixed a common way of developing websites – they don't much mind the end customer – a customer may not be interested in your vision or your employees or your business model, but only in what he gets – the service or product & sometimes even only in your profile as an investor. Even investors are only interested in how the end customer is treated. How many website do actually tell it to them right away?

At Uniware Solutions, we approach website design with your end customers in mind. Here are some of the parameters used worldwide to compare quality of websites, we guarantee Some of our additional guarantees for a less techie business owner
Fast loading

Content Prominently placed according to importance

Finding what one wants in no more than three clicks

Ease of navigation

24/7 maintenance and support

Visually appealing interface

Traffic data through Google analytics

All basic search engine optimization