Engage! A fine tuned video for a desired effect in your viewers, whether it’s for entertainment, learning or providing a virtual experience of a product, creativity, aesthetics, eye for detail and expertise define the engagement. We believe that every one of us has a story, an interesting human

story behind every business, product or service.

Videos are becoming an important part of the marketing strategies of many firms today. A viral video is tenfold effective as any other contemporary advertising methods. We have been analyzing and identifying the intricacies of viewing experience to enhance the reach and engagement of every one of our video production projects.

Whether it’s a corporate video, event video, commercial, promotional video or television broadcasting, we are equipped with latest videography techniques, tools and professionals.

We offer the following specialized videography areas
Our strategy on paid advertising is defined by the requirements of our customers, some of the important conversion parameters are
Creative content

We act on behalf of both publishers and advertisers. Whether you want to advertise on other sites and bring traffic to your site or you run ads on your site and earn – we have the expertise to set and manage both.

Production & post production

We offer our expertise in getting you a top notch video by converging our knowledge and expertise in production and post production.


Producing a video may not always be the end of the process – the real requirement starts after post production – making it reach your targeted audience. Uniware solutions offer some of the most effective marketing techniques to bring the best desired results for your video.


How do you host your video? What are the best options to manage its ongoing, maximum usage? We help you manage the hosting, feedback and user behaviors.